Everybody wants to be successful but not everybody wants to do what it takes to be successful.

Friends, you all must be having your one dream or one ambition or one goal which you wanted to accomplish such as,

If you like Singing, wanted to be like Arijit Singh

If you like Cricket, wanted to be like M.S. Dhoni

If you like Boxing, wanted to be like Vijender Singh

If you like Badminton, wanted to be like P.V. Sindhu

If you like acting, wanted to be like your favorite actor/actress. etc.etc.

Do you want to know what is the reason behind their success in life?

I am going to share with you their one common secret so that you can also apply it into your life to achieve your one thing.

Let’s begin,

What happens is whenever you watch videos on personal development like mine, Sandeep Maheshwari etc you try to be good at everything and want to develop yourself in every aspect at the same time. 

You make a to-do-list of waking up early, then going to the gym, preparing breakfast, practicing guitar, going to martial arts class and then watching, listening or reading something that develops your skills and finally working on your different business ideas.

And this sounds so good & makes you motivated & excited.

But next day the result is after 3-4 activities, your willpower goes down & almost gets consumed up.


If you manage to do everything, you end up being average at everything.


If you look at the life of your ideal successful person,

You don’t see Arijit Singh, a basketball champion along with music or

Vijender Singh, a cricket player along with boxing or

P.V.Sindhu, an online entrepreneur along with badminton or

Mark Zuckerburg, a bodybuilder along with Facebook CEO or

Ritesh Agarwal, a professional chef along with OYO rooms business owner.

So, this concludes that,

Every Successful person has The One Thing which they focus on.

Now, let me clear you that

I am not defining success for you. We all love to have a balanced life but to have a balanced life you must focus on your one thing for a time being.

For eg)

If you want to be a motivational speaker, you have to invest your time improving your real life convincing & communication skills, you have to improve your practical knowledge by learning from mentors, books and many other sources, & then you have to practice it by starting small.

& you must assign at least 4 hours a day to your one thing of your life.


It’s time to provide you 3 most important suggestion from the Book which I am summarizing today.

1) Everything doesn’t matter equally

There are thousand of things in which we can spend our time daily. So,

Try to invest your time according to the priority & importance of the work.

2) Avoid multitasking

We are humans, we are not machines.

We can’t multitask things without losing productivity.

The idea of The one thing is to be Single-minded.

3) Willpower can’t be called anytime.

Our willpower is like a battery. It gets a discharge with time.

So, don’t waste your willpower on the things which don’t hold importance in your life.

I’ve created this amazing video with love for you only on the same topic discussed above. Must watch this. you’ll love it. 

I highly recommend this book if you’re determined to see yourself at the top in your field. This book will keep you in the right direction whenever you’re distracted.

You can check this book out from here: THE ONE THING BOOK

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  1. Saket, great article. I believe we are all looking to be good at one thing. They say to get good at one thing it takes 10,000 hours and dedication. I believe the one thing we need to be good at is understanding ourselves more especially our mind. In life we do not accomplish things because we don’t know or have develop our self awareness thinking of things. We should invest in who we are, what we want to be and become. To do this we must be number one in working on ourselves.

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