A Rich is not who has the most money but he who has the rich mind.

According to study,

Most of the rich were once poor, the only thing that made them rich is the quality of thoughts they allow into their minds throughout their existence.

& Friends, If you happen to get a glimpse into a millionaire mind, you will eventually figure out how to become one yourself

First, Let us know

How is the mindset developed?

There is a word called Verbal Conditioning. Now, what is verbal conditioning?

  • It is the belief that you verbalize aloud to your children will have the major impact on their future lives.
  • Often we blame the poverty & hatred in the society to the filthy rich people.
  • And by doing this, Parents actually teaching their children unknowingly to be poor for the rest of their lives.
  • And when a child notices a business opportunity, he ignores it by thinking money is associated with evil people.

More importantly,

It’s not that our parents are evil or anything, they themselves have inherited their beliefs from their parents & grandparents.


I am going to give you few differences between RICH & POOR mindset so that you can prevent yourself from poor mindset & shift to the rich mindset.

NOTE– If I use the word ‘rich people’ that only means the rich mindset and ‘poor people’ that means the poor mindset }

  • Rich people think big. Poor people think small.

Ex) Often we waste our time waiting in order to buy something at a cheaper rate and this becomes the habit and we start applying it everywhere without realizing that time is more important.

This is the poor mentality. whereas,

Rich mentality directs people to save their time and utilizing that time to cultivate their values so that an hour of their time will be worth more.

  • Rich people focus on opportunities. Poor people focus on obstacles.

Ex) Poor people say I really want to start this business but the competition is so high. Probably this wouldn’t work.


Rich people say I am going to study my competitions well and focus on providing value through my product which is currently not available in the market.

  • Rich people admire other rich & successful people. Poor people feel bitter about them.

Ex) Whenever a poor mentality person sees an expensive car or house, they say negative about the owner & think that they have made it by gambling or some wrong work.


Rich mentality people think, wow that’s a nice car. I am going to pick up a book, learn & do whatever is required if I have to build such empire and I can also make it.

  • Rich people are willing to promote themselves & their values. Poor people think negative about selling & promotion.

Guys, This is a useful one.

I know there are a lot of people who actually think that selling stuff and promoting them is a bad thing (ex-network marketing)

Our own parents, relatives & friends say a demeaning word in our language for someone who sells stuff. This is a Poor mentality. 

& when you look up to their lives, what they do. They just sell themselves for someone else daily for 10-12 hours to earn money.

But, the reality is Sales & Promotion is one the most important component of any business.

Rich mentality people know the importance of selling & promotion and don’t hesitate.

  • Rich people choose to get paid based on results. Poor people choose to get paid based on time.

This is what is happening all around.

People are dying to get paid based on their time in a 9-5 job. They want fast money so they take an easy option to get paid in return for their time & the cycle never stops.


Rich mentality people choose to work on their idea or passion or business maybe for 18 hours a day but based on results not based on time.

So that they don’t have to work for the whole life in a cycle for someone else in return for their precious time.

  • Rich people manage their money well. Poor people mismanage their money.

Poor mentality people don’t have any idea what they are doing with their money once they receive a paycheck.


Rich mentality people cut their useless expenses because they know they might need them when they have to invest in something useful.

They learn these skills of money through the book like The Richest Man in Babylon.( The most inspiring book on wealth ever written). You can get this book from here.

  • Rich people constantly learn & grow. Poor people think they already know.

Friends, You can easily relate to this. This is one of the biggest obstacles.

In our society, there is so much pressure to earn good marks in academics that you couldn’t be able to study apart from your course book.

And after acquiring 2-3 degrees, people start thinking that they already know everything.

Even though they are doing corporate slavery to feed themselves & their family but they refuse to learn about money and building their own life because they have become blind due to the ego of their several degrees.


Rich mentality people always focus on improving themselves by learning about the money & how it’s made etc.

As they know the best is always to come.


That’s why I always encourage you through My YouTube & Blog to read self-help books along with your study guys.

Again let me recommend you an amazing book here to develop the millionaire mindset named SECRETS OF THE MILLIONAIRE MIND by T.Harv Eker.

This is an amazing book to develop your rich mentality and avoid poor mentality to succeed in life.

You must check this book once. You can get the book here or by clicking on the book below.

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  1. Hey, great post I resonate with the part of not selling yourself, providing value and more. Where I come from selling is seen as crooks liars and etc. However, as an online blogger I am getting over that mentally and looking it the right way. I provide (sell) motivational tips for those who want to quit their dream and I feel great. It’s a positive thing I am doing, contributing and making other people life’s better. It’s a new mind set to build. Thankyou

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