Friends, Business/ Startup/ Entrepreneurship is the trending words nowadays.

WHY is it so? because

The old choice of job was safe & taking the big risk of going out on your own was risky.

The new reality is that working at a job may be a far riskier choice.

Instead, take the safe road & go out on your own.

Imagine a life where all your time is spent on the things that you want to do. Imagine giving your greatest attention to the project you create yourself

instead of working as a wheel in a machine that exists to make other people rich.


Let’s jump directly into the 8 key points to build a business with low investment which I’ve gathered for you. Stay focused.

1 } To start a business, you don’t need a lot of money to borrow, hire employees etc. Instead,

You can start now based on your specific personal combination of passion & skill. (but not everything you are passionate about can be marketable. eg- You can be very passionate about eating pizzas, but no one is going to pay you to do it.)

In the convergence where passion/skills meet usefulness, a micro business can be built.

                                                      Passion/skill + Usefulness = Success

2 } You require only 3 things to start a business. They are:

  • Product or service- What you sell
  • Group of people willing to pay- Your customers
  • A way to get paid- How will you exchange your product or service for money.

Please Note. If you have

Product/ ServiceCustomersWay to get paid 


3 } You must have heard of,

Catch a man a fish & you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish & you feed him for a lifetime.

But, here in the business. It is like

Teach a man to fish & you will ruin a wonderful business opportunity. So, Give them the fish ( or what they want )

– Carl Marx

4 } When thinking about different business ideas, also think about the Money.

Money isn’t the soul consideration but it’s an important one.

Ask yourself three questions for any idea:

  • How would I get paid for this idea?
  • How much would  get paid from this idea
  • Is there a way I could get paid more than once.

5 } Rather than talking about the features, talk about the benefits customers will receive from your product.

As For Example :

eg) In a restaurant, features are
Listing of
Benefits are
Relax & Let us take care of you at the end of your busy week.


6 } What people want?

People want more of money, love, acceptance & free time &

Less of stress, long distance between commutes, bad relationships.

If your product/ service focuses on giving more of what they want & taking away what they don’t want, You are on the right track.

So, focus on eliminating the pain.

7 } Give them the offer they can’t refuse.

Let us take an example here,

Imagine if you are running a marathon & after 10 km’s, you are almost dead & tired & if you find some people selling orange slices & other the donuts.

Which one will you prefer? Obviously, Orange slices.


Product/ Service + Right Audience + Right promise + Right time = Offer they can’t refuse

8 } Two common mistake many aspiring Entrepreneurs make:

  • Thinking too much about from where to get money to start their project.
  • Thinking too little from where the business income will come from.

Simple Solution,

Spend as little money as you can & Make as much money as you can.


Don’t feel reluctant to spend money on:

  • Building a brand
  • Boosting your sales

In short, I would like to say Provide value to the people’s life through whatever you create.

If you want the audio-visual format of this post. Relax and watch this beautiful video created for you with love.




It’s time to give credit to the amazing Book, from where I have taken these learnings. It’s one of the best books for Young Entrepreneurs today called 100 $ STARTUP written by Chris Guillebeau. It contains many short stories of people who started their business with very very low investment without even an intent of starting a business.

It contains many short stories of people who started their business with very very low investment without even an intent of starting a business and now they are having their proper profitable business.

I highly recommend this book. You can buy this book by clicking here 

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