At the age of 43, Bill Gates was the richest man in the world.

He has headed Microsoft since he was 20.

Gates is a 20th-century phenomenon, the greatest of cyber tycoons. He is a genius in Mathematics & used to be called ‘Computer Guru’ by his juniors.

In 1975, while still at the Harvard University, he teamed up with Paul Allen to develop a version of BASIC (an early computer language). In 1977, he dropped out of Harvard to work full time at a small company he had founded with his friend & the company was called Microsoft. 

Friends, Today I am sharing 10 secret tips of the success of Bill Gates from the book Business- The Bill Gates way’  by Des Dearlov for You, So that you can apply these to your Business and take it to next level.

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[NOTE: It can be applied to any Business you are doing.]

This is not simply a story of technical brilliance & enormous wealth. It is one of the remarkable business vision & an obsessive desire to win.

It’s about a radically different leadership style to anything, the business world has seen before.


1} Be in the right place at right time

Gates is one of the few business leaders who really understand the technology. This enables him to make strategic decisions based on his own vision of where the technology is heading.

Microsoft was very lucky in 1980 when IBM, then the market leader in the computer industry, signed a contract with Bill Gates to develop the Operating system for its PC.

Gates grabbed this opportunity with both of his hands & proved his luck by working tirelessly for six months.

2} Fall in love with the technology

Gates made his first deal in the computer business at the age of 13, when he agreed to look for software bugs in return for free computer time.

One of the most important aspects of Microsoft’s continued success has been Gates technological knowledge. He has seen the future direction of technology more clearly than his rivals.

3} Take no prisoners

Gates is a fierce competitor. In everything he does, he is driven to win. In making deals, he is an extremely tough negotiator & known for crushing his competitors.

4} Hire very smart people

From the very start, Microsoft has always recruited the very Brightest people or High IQ people.

Many a time, people criticized it also. But it has a no. of positive effects. The company is able to recruit many brilliant students straight from college.

5} Learn to survive

In Microsoft, Bill Gates has created an engaging learning machine by creating Microsoft campus, Continuous feedback loop, testing their products on real customers as he believes, it’s a sign of Smart Organisation & the only way to avoid making same mistakes twice.

6} Don’t expect any Thanks

If there is any lesson that Bill Gates has learned the hard way is that’fame & infamy‘ are never far apart.

You can’t expect to become the richest man in the world without making some enemies.

7} Assume the visionary position

Bill Gates is a new type of Business leader. Over the years, he has repeatedly shown that he is the closest thing to the computer industry.

His in-depth understanding of technology & a unique way of synthesizing data gives him a special ability to spot future trends & give direction to Microsoft strategy which inspires Microsoft fans & shock its competitors.

8} Cover all the bases

Microsoft is a success because of the ability to manage a large no. of projects simultaneously. Gates himself is a multi tasking man & can have several different technical conversations at the same time.

Gates says to never stop learning, stay restless and build a multi product strategy.

9} Build a byte sized business

Microsoft remains a small company relative to its stock market valuation.

Internally, the company is constantly splitting into smaller units to maintain an Entrepreneurial environment & this enables Gates to keep his grip on the company. Gates says that Although Microsoft employs many thousands of people around the world, yet he tried to retain the feel of a small company because if we think like a big company, we’re dead.

10} Never, ever take your eye off the ball

Gates has been at the top of his profession for more than two decades.

Yet, despite of his enormous wealth & achievements, Gates shows no sign of slowing down.

He knows that There are only the QUICK & the DEAD.

These were the 10 Secret tips from the Bill Gates way of business Friends. Hope you get value from it.

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