I know there are a lot of plans & ideas in your mind and it’s just not coming out. (same was the case with me)

Yes, You are right. Starting is always the hardest part.

But it’s also true that 

Today I’m going to share two things with you Why it took me so much time to start & what goes exactly in your mind & How to start anything you want. 

[PS- It’s not Fear of failure or Fear of people judging you or any reasons which I discussed in my 25 Causes of failure post.]

Let’s Begin with The First thing.

Whenever you experience someone’s creative work like Music, Books or Youtube videos, You find it brilliant, beautiful, breathtaking & perfect & you’re stunned by their creation.

You think that I never would’ve thought about that. How did they come up with such idea? They are a genius.

And then you look up to your idea & think that your idea is too obvious & you aren’t that innovative.

But let me tell you Guys, study shows that people who succeed with their idea were just doing their work in their own possible way.

In fact, many famous musicians & artist says that their most hit songs were those which they thought were worth no recording.

Let me tell you what happened with me,

I was too shy to share my content with you people online, Although I had knowledge but used to consider my ideas too obvious.

But I kept on doing my work, sharing my own obvious things with you & one day I received an Email saying-

It’s beautiful what you create & really amazing. It helped me a lot. Don’t stop. 

So, the problem is

Everybody’s idea seems obvious to them but amazing to others.

We’re just a bad judge of our own creations. You should just put it out and let the world decide.


The second thing,

Let’s say You want to do something big, but you think you cannot do it until you raise money.

It’s usually when somebody wants to be big-big-big instead of doing something really useful.

So, mentor’s advice is to start with only 1% of your grand vision. No doubt it will be small, but you will be in the game.

You will be ahead of the rest because you started while others were just waiting.

For eg} 

If your dream is to provide practical knowledge to students which are not taught in the schools. rather than picturizing and waiting for dozens of schools, hundreds of employees & offices, you can start by teaching somebody something this weekend.

rather than picturizing and waiting for dozens of schools, hundreds of employees & offices, you can start by teaching somebody something this weekend.

Find someone who will pay you to do that. You’ll only need You, Notebook & the person & You’re in the Business & you can grow from there.

Starting small help you-

  • put 100% of your energy to actually solve real problems to people.
  • by giving stronger foundation to grow.
  • to change your services according to customer’s need very easily.

So, Your ideas don’t need funding to start, You also don’t need an MBA, endorsement or any other common excuse not to start.

This was my illustration of few chapters from the book Anything You Want by Derek Sivers. You can get the book by clicking on this.

You can get the book by clicking on this.

If you need an audio-visual format of this article to understand in a more better way, I have it for you. Watch below:



So, Are you holding something that seems too obvious for you to share?

Let Today be the start of something new.

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