Life’s greatest tragedy consists of men & women who seriously try & fail. The tragedy lies in the overwhelmingly large majority of people who fail as compared to the few who succeed.

Do you know, 98% of men & women are categorized as a failure according to an analysis done by the great self-help author Napoleon Hill.

Guys, There is something radically wrong with the civilization & a system of education which permit 98% of the people to go through life as failures.

Today, I am summarizing the book How to overcome failure and achieve success by Napoleon Hill. So, Instead of talking about How to deal with failure, I am going to share with you guys, 25 major causes of failure in life.

You must check yourself point by point that which of these are standing between You & Your Success. Let’s jump into it quickly.

1. Unfavourable Hereditary Background

This is the only one of the 25 causes of failure which may not be easily corrected by any individual. For the people who are born with a deficiency in brain power, there’s little can be done for them.

2. Lack of well-defined purpose in life

There is no hope of success for the person who doesn’t have a central purpose or definite goal at which to aim.

3. Lack of Ambition to Aim above mediocrity

Life offers no hope for the person who doesn’t want to get ahead in life & who isn’t willing to pay the price.

4. Insufficient Education

This cause may be overcome easily. History has proven that the best-educated people are often those who are known as Self-made or Self-educated.

It takes more than a college degree to make a person educated. Any person who is educated has learned to get whatever he wants in life without violating the rights of others.

5. Lack of Self-Discipline

Discipline comes through Self Control. Self-mastery is the hardest job you will ever tackle.

If you don’t conquer yourself, you will be conquered by self.

6. Ill Health

No person may enjoy outstanding success without good health. Causes of ill health are:

  • overeating unhealthy food
  • lack of proper exercise
  • wrong habits of thoughts/ negative thinking.


Most of us go through life as failures because we’re waiting for the time to be right to start doing something worthwhile.

Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. Start where you stand & work with whatever tools you may have.

8. Lack of Persistence

Most of us are good starters but poor finishers of everything we begin.

Moreover, people are prone to give up at first signs of defeat.

9. Lack of ‘Controlled Sexual Urge’

Sexual energy is the most powerful of all the stimuli, which move people into action.

It must be controlled by converting into other channels.

10. Uncontrolled Desire for ‘Something for Nothing’

This gambling instinct drives millions of people to failure, according to the evidence found in a study.

11. Lack of well-defined Power of Decision.

Men who fail reach decisions very slowly & change them frequently.

Procrastination & Indecisions are twin brothers. Kill them before they push you to failure.

12. Fear

There are six different types of fear in our mind. They are:

  • Fear of poverty
  • Fear of criticism
  • Fear of ill health
  • Fear of loss of love
  • Fear of old age
  • Fear of death

13. Wrong selection of Mate

The relationship of marriage brings people into contact. In a non-harmonious relationship, failure is likely to follow due to misery and unhappiness leading to the destruction of all signs of Ambitions.

14. Wrong selection of Associates in Business

In marketing, one should take great care to select an employer who will be an inspiration & who is himself intelligent & successful.

15. Superstition & Prejudice

A superstition is a form of fear & sign of ignorance. People who succeed keep an open mind & are afraid of nothing.

16. Wrong selection of Profession

No person can succeed in a line of endeavor which he doesn’t like.

Select an occupation in which you can throw yourself wholeheartedly.

17. Lack of ‘Concentration of Effort’

The “jack of all trades” seldom is good at any.

Concentrate all your efforts on one definite chief aim.

18. Habit of Indiscriminate Spending

This doesn’t need to be explained. You all know about this very well.

19. Lack of Enthusiasm

Without Enthusiasm, One can’t be convincing.

Enthusiasm is contagious & the person who has it is welcome in any group of people.

20. Intolerance

Intolerance means that one has stopped acquiring knowledge.

The most damaging forms of intolerance are those connected with religious, racial & political differences of opinion.

21. Intemperance

Overindulgence in eating, strong drinks & sexual activities is fatal to success.

22. Inability to co-operate with others

More people lose their positions & their big opportunities in life because of inability to co-operate with others.

23. Possession of power that wasn’t acquired through self-effort

Power in the hands of one who didn’t acquire it gradually is often fatal to success.

24. Intentional dishonesty

Acting dishonestly intentionally will certainly lead to failure down the line.

25. Lack of Capital

This is a common cause of failure among those who start out in business for the first time without sufficient reserve of capital to balance the loss of their mistake & to carry them over until they have established a reputation.


These were the 25 causes of failure which you must avoid to prevent failure to uplift urself.

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Write in the comment box below any particular cause of failure which I missed in the above list. I love to talk to you.



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